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B.ALU – systems for industrial usage


Our brand B.ALU is represented by the bear, signifier of strength and power as well as toughness and durability. The B.ALU product line is specifically designed for intensive use in industrial and commercial areas, combining strength and reliability with an aesthetic sensibility. The gates and fences of the B.ALU brand are individually designed and unique in their conception and design.


Product variety:

Sliding gate model B.ALU Classic

Sliding gate model B.ALU ECO screwed

Sliding gate model B.ALU ECO welded

Sliding gate model B.ALU VARO

Drive systems for sliding gates B.ALU

Swing gate B.ALU Classic

Drive systems for B.ALU swing gates

B.ALU industrial fences

B.ALU control coloums

Accessories for B.ALU


Colibri – systems for residential environments

Our domestic product line for residential homes is the hummingbird. This symbolizes flexibility and versatility as well as strength and endurance. The stylish gates and fences of the Colibri brand are adapted to meet the needs of private consumers, ensuring privacy whilst maintaining a strong focus on decorative compatibility and attractive aesthetics.


Product variety:

Sliding gate Colibri
Swing gate Colibri
Drive systems for Colibri sliding gates
Drive systems for Colibri swing gates
Colibri fences
Accessories for Colibri

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