All B.ALU drive systems are installed and tested at our production base. This streamlines the installation and connection process on-site and minimizes the potential for assembly errors.


Drive model B.ALU Inline

The B.ALU inline drive is created using first-class workmanship and exceptional design, and is characterized predominantly by its stability.
The internal drive and control components are built into the gate’s column and so they are optimally protected against weather and vandalism. In addition, a built-in column LED indicator is used.
The drive when installed is invisible from the outside, and the power transmission takes place via an internal rack. The control system and accessories are also housed in the elegantly shaped drive column.

The drive and safety systems are integrated into the column completely and are available in three different versions.
Standard system for sliding gate models B.ALU Classic and B.ALU ECO.

Aggregat neu mit TorkörperAggregat neu mit offener Säule und Torkörper

Drive model B.ALU External

The B.ALU external drive system is ordinarily installed on the inner side of the gate on a specially designed column, in this case the rack is mounted visibly on the outside.
The drive and safety system are located on an external motor platform, and four different
versions are available.

Standard system for sliding gate model B.ALU VARO.

Aggregat mit aussenliegenden Motor

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