Since 1992, we have produced quality gates and fences made of aluminum in Leitring, Austria. The range of production includes the development, planning, welding and powder coating through to the plug & play finishing – all operations are in-house. This guarantees a consistently high standard of quality with short delivery times.
We satisfy the demands of our customers worldwide by original thinking, diverse opportunities and customized offers. Service and respect to our customers and team are central for us to create the basis for a trusting relationship.


As one of the pioneers in the industry Ewald Holler realised the founding of Holler-Tore in 1992 and created the foundations of the existing group of companies today. In 2005, the original sole proprietorship was transformed into a limited liability company.

1992 – Formation of sole proprietorship by Ewald Holler

1993 – Building of the first production premises (steel hall 250 m2)

1994 – Building of the second production premises (special constructions hall 450 m2)

1998 – Building of the third premises (600 m2 Sonderbau)

2000 – Building of office building (280 m2)

2005 – Transforming of the sole proprietorship into a limited liability company

2009 – Building of the final production and loading facility (2900 m2)

2010 – Building of the welding hall (1100 m2)

2011 – Building of the largest powder coating system in Austria and a staff social building (2100 m2)

2013 – Extension of office building (120 m2)

2014 – Expansion of warehouse space, building of a loading dock for special transportations (1000 m2)

2015 – Renovation of the steel hall, new welding robot system, building of a presentation hall for special sales (190 m2)


The operation area encompasses approximately 9,000 m2 of hall space and 6,000 m2 free storage.