Business parks

Every business park is different and needs its own security solution. This prevents unauthorized entry to the company premises, regulates access and shows limits. We offer the right gate and fence solution. Good area protection reduces loss due to storage shrinkage and property damage as well as the cost of security for the effective control of pedestrian and vehicle access – where 24-hour surveillance is not required.

BALU sliding gate eco cantilever
max. width: 10 m
max. height: 5 m

BALU sliding gate classic cantilever
max. width: 25 m
max. height: 5 m

BALU pedestrian gate industry
max. width: 1,5 m
max. height: 2,5 m

BALU barrier 60
max. width: 6 m

BALU quattro premium
max. width: 10 m
max. height: 5 m

BALU fence
max. height: 2 m