BALU packet and mailbox columns

BALU packet and mailbox columns

Height: up to 2,5 m

The shapely mailbox column complements a gate as an inviting element. The insertion takes place from the outside, the removal from the inside. The use as a stop column for pedestrian gates or as inlet column for sliding gates is also possible.

In times of increasing online commerce, the ability to receive parcels becomes very important, even in the absence of the recipient. Regardless of whether you are at home or not, you can receive your shipments with our package column. You can order a package column individually for retrofitting or even completely integrated in a system with mailbox.

– For one-time opening: Must then be unlocked again by the user
– With fall flap: Overhead flap closes automatically when the lid is open
– With code lock: For one-time opening with code entry

A large number of design variants and accessories are available: